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Professional TEAMS

Since the beginning, some of European best designers have worked with the company to bring product ideas to reality. Our most produce Inspired by historic Ottoman design and 20th century modern abstract artists design ,our designer teams has deconstructed, reshaped and reworked traditional patterns and textures with graphic stitching to production. BYHAND focus on quality and functionality has been recognised with different markets of many country .


The Turkish hand- weave tradition history that goes back to 3,000 B.C. to the early sheepherders and nomadic people of Asia. for now the weaving of Tradition has become a recognized art form passed from Mother to Daughter. In Turkey the women weave the rugs or another items around their life in the village and the weaving express their thoughts and feelings. In the midst of all the chores, and the hard realities of daily life, hand-weave has always offered a time of beauty and spiritual comfort. Hand-Weaving was and is seen as a labor of joy, a way of recreating the colorful life.

Nature Colors

Dyes extracted from flowers, roots and insects are used in BYHAND’s all Products .The use of vegetables, roots and other natural items to make dyes has been a well known art for many thousands of years.for example, the red color from onion skin, the blue color from grass of indigo, and the brown color from Walnut etc…This ancient practice continued unchanged and untouched in Anatolia. If you visit Turkey you will see woman making natural dyes. Natural Dyes are so much better than synthetics. They will not change for years.In direct sunlight synthetic dyes will change their color while natural dyes get brighter and more beautiful.

Organic Material

Pure Natural materials are more durable than synthetic materials.They can last for years. Silk has a very high tensile strength and can be twisted very finely, plus it is quite resistant.The finest silk comes from the first part of the amazingly long single thread with witch silk warm spins its cocoons. When unrolled, the thread from one silk cocoon can stretch up to 25,000 meters. The quality of wool varies according to the climate, the breed of sheep, and the time of year of the shearing. Wool from sheep that live in warm and arid regions is normally dry and brittle, and since it breaks so easily, it ends up being short and feels lifeless. Good quality wool comes from healthy and well fed sheep found in cold regions or at high elevations with good grazing lands and lots of water.